I would like to buy a website in French. Where can I buy one?

While online acquisition world is expanding, it is still limited for non-English websites. There are many marketplaces where you can find English websites. Besides, many website and business brokers represent sellers of websites in English. As I told in my post “Can I sell my French website?“, finding a proper marketplace or broker can be harder if you are targeting only French websites.

I suggest you check our brokerage service, Acquisition Station. We have numerous online business opportunities just for French speaking countries. In addition, we have pages in French on our website where you can get more information about our services. We have French brokers who will be aside you throughout the buying process.

My partner at Acquisition Station, Bastien, who is a website broker says “Nous parlons français! Nous pouvons aussi vous aider à acheter des sites francophones. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Did you buy a website in French before? How was the experience? Share with us below.

Acquisition Station
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