I want to check the value of a website. Is there a tool for that?

Yes, many tools can evaluate your website automatically. You can search for “website value calculator” on Google. One of the most popular website value calculators is Worth Of Web Calculator. I founded, coded and designed it years ago, developed further in these years. It has evaluated over 10 million websites.

Worth Of Web Calculator is free. Thousands of webmasters, bloggers, online business owners and internet marketers are using it daily. Nevertheless, I need to warn you. Do not use this type of calculators for determining the sale price of a website. As I explained here, these are algorithms which create estimates for website traffic, revenue, and worth. They are great for tracking your progress and checking your position compared to your competitors. But they lack accuracy.

I will explain the exact methods to calculate a realistic market value for buying/selling purposes in future posts. You can ask for a professional opinion if you want to buy/sell a website.

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