Is it possible to buy and sell domain names on Facebook?

Facebook is a huge part of our lives. Almost everyone we know has a Facebook profile. While the majority of these people are using Facebook for fun purposes, you can take advantage of this vastly popular social media channel by using it for business purposes.

Facebook Groups is an excellent place to go as a domain buyer or seller. Facebook provides specific features for buying and selling stuff on groups. I believe you will find it quite handy to follow the offers from these groups on your News Feed among other posts from your friends, family, and favorite brands.

I can suggest our Facebook group, Website & Domain Marketplace. We try to filter all posts and comments to ensure a high-quality medium for buying and selling domains (and websites). While researching for other groups, I saw a detailed list on Warrior Forum. These are the other Facebook groups where you can buy/sell domain names.

You need to be careful, though. Most of these groups are working on a self-serve basis, meaning, you will be on your own if things will go south during a transaction. After you have an agreement with a domain buyer or seller on Facebook, you can secure the deal by using an escrow service like

Have you tried to buy or sell domain names on Facebook? Share your experience below.